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If you want to play golf on a regular basis, then membership is the best option for you. It opens up a wealth of benefits in a healthy, social environment. You can meet new playing partners and benefit from a discounted and even free visits to other clubs.

If you are just starting out, come and discuss  the 'easy starter' route. Where we offer to help you get maximum enjoyment from the game.





Full membership

£670.00 or £58.00 per month   

Play golf on 364 days of the year.

Full Joint membership

£1200.00 or £100.00 per month   

Ideal family option for unlimited golf.

Country membership

£425.00 or £37.00 per month. (Restrictions apply) 


Various age-related concessions

U 35   £616.00 or £53.00 per month   

U 30      £502.50 or  £44.00 per month

U25   £335.00 or £30.00 per month

Student (Full time)  £295.00


(Free with full member parent)

Under 18    £120.00   

Under 16   £80.00

Introductory membership   

£425.00   £37.00 per month  (Restrictions apply)


Academy membership

£350.00 includes 6 lessons and off -peak golf

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