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Thank you for your interest in getting involved in golf.


Don’t feel anxious about stepping into the unknown. It is painless, but a couple of simple steps into a new world.

What do I need?

It's simple enough to start. Just a pair of soft-soled shoes to begin, we can sort clubs for you. The rest can follow in time.

I don’t like rain!

Well it is Wales….but don’t fear the weather we have an indoor studio and covered bays to keep things going at all times!

I worry that I won't be very good.

Becoming an accomplished player is more about your determination than physical prowess. We've had lots of unlikely candidates become capable players. It helps you find the inner you!

I don’t know anyone.

Golf opens conversation between all kinds of people. You all experience the same challenges frustrations and thrills. It's even reported that it makes couples have a conversation over the dinner table!

Golf is Expensive.

It doesn’t require a huge spend to get started. There are always experienced sets of clubs available at sensible money and membership is certainly cheaper than dining out or visiting the pub. An introductory package at Gower is only a little more than £7.00 per week and can include more coaching!

If you are rushing from work to get here in time, we have comfortable secure changing facilities and fresh bean coffee. If you need an excuse to sit and chat afterwards in the clubhouse! You will meet other golf converts who will be glad to tell you about their bad shots too!

Take that step to a new future!

Golf is good for your health.jpg


Get into Golf ! It's Good for your body and mind.

golf is social.jpg


The cat can talk to the king about great golf rounds and courses!



It's up to you. Challenge  yourself or your playing partners. 

Call Rob to find more details about our
“New to Golf” programme. 

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